Monthly Unlimited

$25 for 30 days


$5 / Ride (3 day rental)

Want to check out a few rides at a time? You can Rent-A-Ride for only $5! Each ride expires 3 days after purchase. Click on the link below to view a list of all our rides.

* We understand that this pandemic has brought hard times for some and although your desire to subscribe may be there, the funds may not. Just like you support us, we want to support you. If you're in a tough spot right now, please send our team a message at and we will see what we can do to help you out :)

We are in this together. Much love,
- The Rhythm Collective


What You Get

  • Crispy Audio

    We virtually bring our spin studio into your home! That includes our high-end sound and clear voice. We use our expertise & innovativeness to bring top quality sound to our online classes. Workout with us using headphones or bluetooth speakers for a more soul shaking experience.

  • Immersive Video

    Turn the lights down low. Light a candle. A Rhythm Remix class is more than just music and movement, we also bring the videos and graphics to help motivate you through the ride. From countdown timers & power meters to music videos & computer graphics... we have something for everyone.

  • Explosive Energy

    When you find the right (re)mix of sounds, sights and movements it creates an explosion of energy that you can't find anywhere else. Our instructors and creative team take pride in our unique approach & attention to detail to bring the best spin experience into your homes. We may be physically apart during these times, but in our virtual studio, we spin strongly together. This is the Rhythm Remix.

The Rhythm Collective

Rhythm Remix is brought to you by:

The Rhythm Ride studio is not about one person or one idea, just like a song is not one note or one lyric. Rhythm Ride is the sum of its parts. The talents of the instructors, front staff, creative team, and management all engage as a whole to bring out the best in ourselves and our clients.